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Membership in the Polish chapter of INCOSE

Find out what membership gives you and how to become a member

Standing Meeting

What does membership give you?

Benefits of membership

  • Access to a very rich database of industry literature and webinar recordings;

  • Systems Engineering Journal subscription;

  • Possibility to obtain a certificate of Systems Engineering Professional;

  • Being part of the Polish and global community of systems engineers;

  • Opportunity to participate in numerous offline and online webinars and conferences.

How to become a member?

To become a member, please register via INCOSE page.

Casual Business Meeting

Membership types

Regular Individual Membership - $120*

Systems engineers in corporate, government and program management, research and development, science and engineering, business development, and more—gain technical expertise, networking, access, and influence through individual membership. INCOSE membership can also be used by students who want to become systems engineers or expand their knowledge. Regular membership fees include free access to INCOSE SE Journal and INSIGHT publications, and members can purchase paper copies of INSIGHT and Systems Engineering journals at a discount.

*Poland has been included in the group of countries with reduced Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) and categorized as PPP 2 Band, which reduces the membership fee.More information.

Senior membership - $90

Individual members are eligible for the Senior category if they are 65 or older at the time of joining or renewing membership. Seniors also receive a 50% discount on registration and other program fees for the International Symposium and a reduced registration fee for the International Workshop. Senior Membership includes free access to INCOSE publications in SE Journal and INSIGHT.

Student Membership - $50

Members qualify as Student if they are enrolled in a university or college as postgraduate students, are not employed more than 1/4 time outside the university they are enrolled in, and have a course load of at least 3/4 full-time, according to the definition of this university. For example, if the number of full-time courses is 4 per semester, the student must be enrolled in 3 or more courses to qualify for the student membership rate.

Only 3 months of work experience can be counted when applying for a CSEP or ESEP certificate for each year that an individual was an INCOSE student member.

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